I currently produce 3 main lines of hand-hammered triangle – The InfiniTri, Nigel Shipway Signature and Amsterdam models. They are available in different sizes and weights. Use the navigation pane on the right to find out more about each range or email about custom works such as Mediaeval and Baroque ringed triangles or authentic recreations of the Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Triangle, rebar triangles, triangles with tambourine jingles and others. If you have you have your own specific requirements for a custom triangle then please use the contact form via the button at the bottom left of the window or send me an email. For triangle beaters, please see the Accessories Page.

triangle set

Light and Medium options

Heavy options

The InfiniTri triangle range. Hand hammered, equilateral shape, orchestral triangles in a proprietary Bronze alloy.
Available in 3 weight ranges - light, medium and heavy and in a range of sizes per weight: 4" to 7" in light, 5" to 9" in medium and 8" to 10" in heavy. Other sizes available by special order.
These triangles are made one at a time - individually hand-hammered, hand bent, and heat treated.

play triangle demo video play triangle demo video

play triangle demo video play triangle demo video

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