More than any other type of cymbal, pairs of hand held orchestral clash / crash cymbals really do have to be tried in person. Therefore I generally only make these to order, or for percussion expos where people can come and play them. I do, however, sometimes have a stock of different weights, sizes, and sonic styles. I can make any size or weight in bronze. If you have an interest in commissioning a pair of hand held cymbals please fill out the form using the contact button on the bottom left of this page or send me an email.

There are some video demonstration example below to whet your appetite, and please click on the images to the right for a gallery.

A blast from the past! Here are some of the my very first crash cymbal pairs.

18 inch B15/B8 bronze alloy light crash cymbals pair
15-1/2 inch old K crash cymbal recreation
16 inch orchestral crash cymbals pair
19 inch dark clash cymbals
18 inch medium heavy crash cymbal